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Heute stellen wir unseren Agenturpartner MKC Communications aus Irland vor. Wir haben Tim Kinsella (das K in MKC) vor einigen Jahren im Rahmen unserer internationalen Koordinationsrolle für unseren Kunden HUF HAUS kennengelernt. Hier eine kurze Vorstellung – verbunden mit einer Einladung, doch mal in Dublin bei MKC vorbeizuschauen. Mehr Infos auf http://www.mkc.ie/

Greetings from Ireland!

Based in Dublin, MKC Communications is among Ireland’s leading PR agencies.  We offer a range of public relations, corporate communications, media relations and lobbying services to clients across a broad range of industry sectors.  Our consultants include senior communications professionals, former journalists and former senior Government advisers.  Our business is built on honesty, integrity and professionalism and we are dedicated to protecting and promoting the reputations of our clients.

General current trends

Even though our national economy is currently challenged by the global recession, business life in Ireland is still reasonably positive.  Our domestic food industry and our IT industry is very strong and the multinational sector is also very important to us.

Our Government is taking all necessary measures of austerity to bring the national budget back into balance, with support and encouragement from our European neighbours and friends.  Part of the debate must now be how to create a stimulus for the economy and not just austerity which is having very severe effects on people and communities.

Official investigations into the collapse of our banking system (caused by a minority of people) are ongoing and some prosecutions are anticipated  in due course.  Our main national banks are gradually recovering which will further help our economy.

Unemployment (2013: 14%) and emigration are very severe and consumer activity is very low, but the situation is gradually stabilising.  We are seeing renewed confidence among small and medium businesses and many innovative new start-ups in the digital sector.

The current main trends in media coverage are management, innovation, technology, entrepreneurship, the Eurozone, financial matters, consumer protection, etc.  We provide a lot of media skills training for clients including around positive and, sometimes, negative issues management.

And finally, our overall message is,  Ireland is open for business and do come and visit us sometime!

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